• Easy to apply

  • Comfortable to wear

  • No need to touch during service

  • Allows for coloring, shampooing and precision cutting

  • Helps you work faster and better

  • Peel & Stick

  • 360 Seal

  • Three Layer

  • Non Medical

  • Disposable Face Covers


  • Peace of Mind You won't accidentally snip a loop

  • Less Itch Cut hairs won’t slip inside the mask

  • Easier Breathing Noses aren’t squished by masks pulling across the face

  • Less Mess No strings or straps to clean

  • Better Vision Eyeglasses are noticeably less foggy

  • Great Value with quantity prices below US 58.5 cents per mask

  • "..easy to use!"

  • "Amazing for coloring"

  • '.. a home run product"

  • "..Comfortable"

  • "..crazy perfect!"

  • "Great feedback from clients"

"..easy to use!"

"Amazing for coloring"

'.. a home run product"


"..crazy perfect!"

"Great feedback from clients"


"The best thing ever. My clients will never wear the other masks while in my chair."

Vandra Noel, Shear Ambiance Salon

The SAM mask design is BRILLIANT!   In this new world of having to wear masks for safety it's ideal for the salon client and stylist as it allows for colouring, shampooing and precision cutting which traditional masks do not. The mask is easy to apply and remove. I've had great feedback from clients and recommend.

Clare Wedgwood, Owner, Focus Hair Design

I give these masks a solid FIVE STARS.

They make my life so much easier. If you haven’t tried them yet you really should. This is a home run product.

Dan Dekker, Cordova Hair & Barbershop

I love this mask, I can breathe! It doesn’t move! My glasses don’t steam up!  Excellent product.

Jane Handforth, Handforth Hair

"“Hands down best customer service EVER!! The masks are AWESOME, my clients love them!! Definitely buying again!!”

Stephanie Cara, Studio S ✂️

We love these! They’re comfortable, let us work easily and unlike most masks they don’t stretch tightly across the nose. That has led some of our older clientele to tell us these masks feel less claustrophobic. Very functional and easy to use! Thanks SAM.

Kirsti Teyke, Inspire Hair Design

I really like this mask. They’re very comfortable and they work very well with glasses 👓. I recommend without hesitation! 

Bella Parent, Cut Cartel Barbers

I’ve got my shipment 😁 right on time Those masks are amazing. My customers love them , it’s very easy to work now without touching my customers face. Amazing for colouring or men’s haircuts. Worth the money 😊 Thank You 🙏

Dorota Banaszek - Mississauga ON

These masks are just crazy perfect! Simply brilliant! I just placed my second order in anticipation of being allowed to work again soon. Don’t hesitate on this, just buy them!!! You won’t be disappointed!

Margie Nealis Meehan

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Clients Love Them and You Will Too