About Us

We launched when it became apparent you needed a disposable loop free guest face cover in early 2020.

With several award winning consumer products to his credit, our founder Erik Djukastein, saw that his idea was not only viable, but could be of great benefit to the community.   Since the industry was not delivering anything like this, he knew he could and should make it happen.  And he did.  With the assistance of talented designers and fabricators, the SAM Self Adhesive Masks were brought to life and began shipping in late June.

Erik said, "I'm delighted we've developed a better option and that it is working so well for stylists and color techs.”
It didn't hurt that his wife Lora also preferred the design.  She's a doctor who has been wearing surgical masks for years.  Her conclusion was that these non-medical SAMs are more comfortable and easier to breathe in than any traditional looped mask. 

Just so you know, there is no one named SAM at the office and the company name Vena Galena [pronounced Veena Galeena]  harkens back to Erik’s roots in the Yukon. It sounds nice and is just fun to say. Try it!

We look forward to helping you with better masks today and bringing you more innovations in the years ahead. 

Thanks for visiting.

Vena Galena Innovations Inc.
Developers of the SAM Face Covering

Erik Djukastein wearing a SAM self adhesive face mask by mirror
(image: Erik Djukastein, inventor & founder )
Email:    Erik  [@ ] samfacemasks.com