Q:  What about make up?

A:  Makeup under the edges of the mask is a problem. It prevents the mask from sticking.  Ideally makeup isn't applied to that part of the face prior going out with a mask on. 

Each mask does include a purified water wet wipe that can be used to do a quick localized cleanse prior to putting on a SAM mask.  A quick touch up afterwards of the nose and cheeks if necessary.


Q:   How long will the mask stay on my face?

A:   SAM masks can stay put for many hours. The actual time will depend on the cleanliness and moisture on your facial skin before applying the mask, the amount you perspire after it is applied, the rate of secretions (oils) that come out of your skin, and the number of times you lift/reposition the mask. For best results, start with a clean dry face it will stay in place until you decide it's time to come off.


Q:  Will there be any adhesive residue left on my face?

A:  Not in normal use.


Q:  Can I eat or drink with the mask on?  Maybe just lift it for a minute?

A:   You really shouldn’t touch your mask until you need to take it off. But if you do lift it for sips of water for example, be aware that stickiness will gradually decrease.  Repeat the lifting enough times and the bonding strength will virtually disappear.  


Q:   Will I have a skin reaction to the adhesive?

A:   Most people will not have a reaction.  SAM brand masks are made with medical grade adhesive that has been vigorously tested to ISO 10993 standards for toxicity, irritation and sensitivity. 


Q:   If my skin is sensitive what can I do?

A:   Do a test.  The adhesive is made for use on skin.  However, some people can react to seemingly benign substances.  If you think you might be one of them, we encourage you to test the adhesive on an inconspicuous part of your anatomy like your abdomen or inside of the arm.  Small 2-inch (5 cm) round test samples of adhesive are supplied in the box to our resellers.  Ask for one.  Alternatively, you can cut off part of a mask and test with that.  If you see a reaction, discontinue the test and do not use the product.   


Q:   Couldn't you make these less expensive by reducing from three down to one or two layers?

A:    Yes, definitely, but we think a better quality product is warranted for our customer.  Similarly, we could reduce costs by switching to an industrial grade adhesive.  But again, we think it's important to only use high quality ingredients and materials when we are literally on your face :-)  Also, we are keenly aware that the WHO recommends three ply for non medical masks. 


Q:   Can I wash and reuse the mask?

A:    Regrettably, the SAM materials, which are amazing and do an awesome job, do not lend themselves to reuse.


Q:  Why do you advise against using as a daily mask?

A:   While there is no problem leaving a mask on all day, and some people do, little bits of superficial skin are lifted as you remove the mask.  Do this too often over the course of a day and your skin may express it's dissatisfaction.   Remove it too often or too quickly and you can reasonably expect to develop red marks where the superficial layers of skin are removed.  Medical adhesive-related skin injuries (MARSI) are a real thing and we don't want any customers sporting red marks if we can help it. So with that in mind, we recommend SAMs for periodic situations when a standard looped mask won't work well.  


Q:   Is there anything I can do to help spread the word about SAM masks? 

A:   Yes.  Please Like, post and gush on your favorite beauty industry website or Facebook group.  And while on Facebook, go to our page ( @samfacemasks ) and scribble a short review in the 'Recommendations' area. We'll be very grateful for the assistance and so will your colleagues who haven't learned about this yet. And if you are a super fan and entrepreneurial, join our Affiliate program using this link. Thank you in advance!


Q:  My question wasn't answered here. Can I talk to someone?

A:  You bet. Drop us a note on the "Contact Us" page and we'll get the right person to call you back ASAP.  If you include your time zone (East, West, Greenwich Mean Time etc.) we'll avoid an embarrassingly early or late call.