When Money is Funny

For innovative entrepreneurs, there is always another way.

If cash is super tight but you're keen to use SAMs in your business, our founder has said we should find a way to work together with you.    

Our own challenge during these difficult times is getting the word out. Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even Amazon have been blocking sellers and ads for anything 'sensitive'. There were simply too many bad apples and our new SAMs are considered 'sensitive'.

If you are willing and able to help us get the word out to your colleagues, peers, and potential users , we'll help you with the cost of your starting inventory up to 50% (or more if you make a really compelling pitch).  We're open to anything  your creative guerrilla marketing mind dreams up.

Send a few sentences pitching us on what you'd like to do to help get the word out.  Include your name and city.  We'll consider and get right back to you with a personalized discount offer.  

Send your email to sales@samfacemasks.com Subject:  Money is Funny